Theism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Non-Theism, Ignosticism,

by braciator

I am Ignostic myself, as I have been struggling for ages explaining to people I am not atheist because I don’t claim to say ‘God doesn’t exist’ with 100% confidence as that would make me a believer, nor I am theist to say that God exist. Agnostic was just too vague for my taste, ‘God may exist out there but frankly I don’t care’, or “I just don’t know”, or “God is inconclusive until further evidence is met.”

As much as I am tempted to reply that my religion is Beer and I am member of Beer Masonry and would apply to join Beer Church, worshipping the miracle of Zytho! Church of Zythology! (Greek for Yeast)

In all seriousness, which is a shame, I labelled myself Non-theist, which I tried my best to differ from the atheism. Of course it is liberating knowing there is no God, and I can live with that fact but I cannot back it up, I cannot argue it and I am certainly not going to let someone say I believe there is no God.

Originally I have been arguing about non-theism, as in don’t believe in anything, pretty much a secularist. Yes I come from a science background and science is a method (Not a religion!), it is description of how we observe and experiment, not belief. At times I feel like I am Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory when someone says Science is a Religion, and I do wish I memorised the quote that Sheldon would have said. Actually let me have a go; “Science is not a Religion as Scientific theory has to be falsifiable, and have no dogmata. Theories are vetted repeatedly through processes of Scientific Method by which scientists, collectively and over time, endeavor to construct an accurate (that is, reliable, consistent and non-arbitrary) representation of the world.”

Creation as set down by the Bible and belief by Christians, to me is simply a Hypothesis, not a theory. There is nothing to back up Creation, not a shred of evidence and frankly a Bible is much of an evidence as Lord of the Rings is an evidence for existence of the Elves, Hobbits, Orcs, Dwares, Dragons. (The latter more convincing though!)

I will believe in existence of God if the hypothesis of Creation is proved and proven again and again as a theory plausible enough. I never say I believe in Evolution, I merely accept the theory of evolution, (note I said theory) as it pretty much explain our history with some holes which is why it is still a theory. Parts of the evolution theory has been verified more times than enough to be plausible.

Therefore I labelled myself as non-theism, following the method of scientific. However I realised later on that I have been jumping the gun, in particular when my own brother would jab at me for I often say “Oh God”, or “Oh My God”. Now why I have been saying God, or even mention God when I am supposed to be non-theist? The word ‘God’ have been used so many times that the meaning of it has been lost and gained if that even make sense. Just like the word Fuck has lost it offensiveness but at the same time it has an impact that no other word would have. I could say “Fark” “Flush”, but it certainly doesn’t have the same impact as FUCK!. To me, God word has the meaning that I desire to express that people will understand, and it doesn’t help that I have been reading that a lot!

That brings me to Ignosticism, which I can’t remember how I came across this article, but it totally makes sense, and most likely what Sheldon Cooper would be. I realised I have been assuming all along the meaning of God, when it differ for everyone, which brings to the point that Ignostist would say “I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘God exists’?”.

Therefore how could I be discussing God or even its existence when it is meaningless as we haven’t established a coherent definition of what God is.